Training programmes for both able and disabled people teaching a variety of skills.
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NEW HOPE FOR THE POOR (N’HOPO). Have identified a range of training packages that organisation will be looking to deliver. We see training as the key to the development of the skills people will need to build up these for nation and themselves. N’hopo will endeavour to educate people, that disability in any child does not mean the end of the person’s productive life.

The training programme are extensive, covering subject and concentrating on skills development relevant the need of rural areas and provinces, creating in the process employment and small industries quite capable of sustaining the economic needs of each village as well as the country as a whole. Training is very much the key, therefore 50% of all resources will be aimed at training and employment creation.

Plans of disabled skill centre in the Eshowe / Nkandla and Umkomaas areas are underway.

N’hopo will work towards the setting up of manufacturing unit to provide sheltered employment to disabled people, giving them the opportunity to alternative way of earning a living.

The centre will teach skills such as computing, Drama, Music, Singing and creative workshops. We also hope to access electronic library resources for the local community to give unemployed people educational opportunities to help them develop themselves.

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