The Legendary Kweku

The parents heard the humming of the flies and believed that their children were speaking foreign language. The parents were very glad and Ananse asked of his wages. They paid him and saw him off.

When the parents returned, they broke the iron doors to get their children. What they saw shocked them. They immediately chased Ananse. They be­came very wild.

When Ananse saw them coming from a distance, he turned himself into a stone breaker. The animals got near and Osebo —the leopard — in a loud voice said “Ananse the teacher, you ate our children. We have got you!!”

Ananse quickly replied “No, no I am not Ananse the teacher, I am Ananse the stone breaker”.

The animals left him and continued their search. They saw Ananse again cutting firewood. Dzata —the lion-roared and said, “You killed our children, we are killing you today. You Ananse the teacher!!”

Ananse replied, “No, no, no I am not Ananse the

teacher, I am Ananse the woodcutter. There are so many Ananses”.

The animals continued their search. They saw Ananse again fishing in a small river. Osono —the elephant-raised a leg and said loudly, “This time we have got you. We are going to kill you for killing our children. You Ananse the teacher!!”

Ananse cried this time and said,”I am not Ananse

the teacher who killed your children. I am Ananse the fisherman”.

They left and continued their journey in search of Ananse the teacher. Ananse had nearly reached his village when the animals saw him again. He pre­tended to be weeding. All the animals realised that it was Ananse the teacher who had been deceiving them all the time with different types of work.

They surrounded him, ready to jump on him and kill him but Ananse was smarter than them. He

jumped very high to place himself on the highest tree in the village.

From that day Ananse never came down. He built his house over there.

Once upon a time, the chief of Kweku Ananse’s village decided to have a big party. He was celebrat­ing his ten years on the stool, that is, he had been a chief for ten years. Ananse and his wife, Aso were among the important people invited. Ananse imme­diately started to prepare for that great day. It had been a long time since he ate goat meat in sauce and drank that special sweet palmwine made only for the chief. He washed his green and yellow ‘Ashanti Kente’ and polished his black ‘Ahenema’ sandals.

The next day, Ananse received another invitation from the neighbouring village. The chief over there was having a wedding party. Ananse became con­fused because all the parties were taking place on the same day from morning till evening. Ananse sat down quietly for some hours. Later he stood up and laughed. He had decided what to do.

The great day came and he put on his ‘Ashanti Kente’ and ‘Ahenema’ sandals. He told his wife to take the lead and wait for him at the wedding party. Ananse then took off his ‘Kente’ cloth and went under his bed to bring out a long and thick rope he had bought because of the two parties. He put on his

cloth again and called two of his sons, Ntikuma and Tikonokono.

As soon as Ntikuma saw the rope he asked his

father, “Papa, what are you doing with this long rope?”

Ananse retorted, “keep quiet and listen to me”.

He laughed and continued, “I will tie this rope around my waist. You Ntikuma, take one end and go to the next village where the chief is having a wedding party. You Tikonokono, take the other end and go to our chief’s tenth anniversary party”.

He breathed deeply and concluded, “Listen to me carefully. Anyone of you who sees that food and drinks are being served should pull the rope very fast so that I will come and eat and drink with him”.

Unfortunately for Ananse., the two parties started serving food and drinks at the same time. The two sons started to pull the ropes. Children in both villages were amused by what Ananse and his sons were doing. They shouted and laughed. This laugh­ter and shouts prevented the two sons from hearing from their father. For this reason, they pulled the ropes all day and Ananse suffered for his greedi­ness. Before they were tired and could no longer pull the ropes, all the food and drinks had got finished and the two parties had come to an end.

People from both parties including his wife Aso who saw him on their way home could not help laughing at him.

Ananse in his shame and disgrace, once again had to run and hid in his room ceiling.                                                                               .

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Once upon a time, Kweku Ananse who was very poor sat down quietly in his village mud-hut and decided to be rich.

He went to every man in the village including the chief and told them, “My wife is very ill, kindly lend me money to send her to a herbalist for cure’:

They were very kind people and lent him as much money as he wanted. Later, Ananse bought a big land in the name of an uncle and also bought seeds.

He met the men of the village at a popular palmwine bar and told them, “My uncle who is in the big city wants me to make a big farm for him. I want to hire you to weed and plant the seeds. I will pay you as much as you wish”.

14 All the men shouted. “We shall work”.

They weeded and planted the seeds day after day. Whilst the men were working, Ananse sat under the shade of a tree and smoked his pipe. The rains came and the seeds germinated. Soon it was a harvest time and he again hired the men to do the harvesting. He sold the crops and became very rich. He had used the money and strength of his neighbours without their knowledge to become rich.

Ananse lived a very happy life afterwards until one day his eldest son, Ntiku ma broke the secret to the chief’s son. The son told his father. The chief in turn called all the men in the village and told them what Ananse had done.

They took cutlasses, knives, axes, clubs and spears to go to the house of Ananse but when he saw them coming from afar, he sensed what had happened. He at once ran very fast and once again had to go into hiding.

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