Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

Hen then said that when they get to the premises of king Lion, they would tell him all what had happened previously regarding the presentations. Little by little, the entourage got to the premises of king lion and the presentation was made. They were about to ask permission to leave when Hen raised its hand. She told king lion that she had something to say. Hen said, king Lion, Kweku Ananse had not been faithful to you and had not presented the correct number of animals to be given to you. This made king lion fume with rage, he was very angry. He wanted to find out whether what was told by hen had an iota of truth in it. Ananse cut in “Oh Great King of the forest, may your name be praised forever”. The members of my entourage are lying. The other day when

elephant took you in its trunk and threw you away, they made amockery of you and they laughed all day. Lion was more sinister and invited Ananse’s entourage into his room for a discussion. Lion later devoured all the members of Ananse’s entourage. But lion was not satisfied and wanted to take up an independent investigation into what he heard. He went to the neighbourhood ofAnanse and found out that all what he heard was the truth. He told Ananse to come for a discussion to find ways and means of trapping more animals who were bent on laughing at King Lion. Lion wanted to kill Kweku Ananse but Ananse, being the wisest king on earth, knew that what lion called him for was rather a plot to kill him..

Kweku.Ananse went on the appointed date and Lion had a discussion with him in his den. Lion went into his room and told Ananse he was going serve him with -a drink. Manse started to spin his web. As soon as Ananse saw the lion and his family rushing on him, he quickly crawled onto his web and hid himself at the top right corner of the roof. Kweku Ananse told lion, “You think I am a fool•ou will never see me again. See you next year to teach you ways of becoming wise. Good — bye to you and your family and have a very nice day.”



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