Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

Deep in the night or soon after midnight, KwekuAnanse secretly woke up from bed, went to the kitchen and ate all the meat. The next day, he sent the “gong- gong” beater to go round and tell all the inhabitants that there was going to be a clean up exercise after which the meat would be used to prepare a meal for them to enjoy. The animals became happy. They worked tirelessly, weeded the village, desilted choked gutters and burnt all the rubbish around. When they were ready to eat the

food, Ananse told them that all the ghosts in the town had come to eat the food. Kweku Ananse explained that since they were buried over ten years ago, they had no food to eat in their graves and so when they smelt the aroma of the soup in Anase’s kitchen, they all woke up and ate the meal. What an incredible story! Duck lamented. Who on this earth had ever heard of a ghost eating? The animals were very hungry and angry. It is said, a hungry man is an angry man. They planned to kill Kweku Ananse. A plan was hatched. The next animal to make her presentation was the Dog. This time, Dog presented only a puppy. Ananse could not get any extra puppy to feed on. What they did was to dig a big hole in front ofAnanse’s house and cover it with leaves. When they went to present the puppy to

KW EK1.1 ANANSE -THE WISEST KING 16 Ananse, they would ask him to cross over to collect the puppy on behalf of theLion. Ananse would fall into the dug pit and they would bury him alive.

They were joking for they did not know the character they were dealing with. They were dealing with the king of all tricksters on this earth. On the “D-day”, Dog, in the company of cat, cow, hen, monkey, goat, sheep and other animals presented the puppy to Kweku Ananse. They asked Kweku Ananse to walk on the leaves to come for the puppy. Ananse fell into the pit. Ananse quickly made its way out in no time by crawling along its web. All the animals were amazed. They said to themseves, “we dug a pit more than one hundred_ metres deep but how did this animal manage to come out”. Kweku Ananse had come out and there was no turning back. He must be presented with the puppy to be sent to king Lion. As usual, Kweku Ananse set off with his entourage to see the Lion. The presentation was made and they returned home soon. All the animals were angry because they could not find anything to eat. The next animal to make her presentation to king lion was the Pig. Pig gave birth to sixteen children and decided to give four of its babies to be presented to the Lion. Ananse was totally amazed at the situation. He was going to eat to his fullest satisfaction and he would grow very fat. As usual, the entourage set off to see king lion. Ananse put a single piglet in a sack to be given to the lion. This made the rest of the entourage very angry because they knew ‘history was going to repeat itself. Ananse would make them to believe that he was going to enjoy the rest of the meat with them but lie would in turn deceive them and eat everything.

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