Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

THE WISEST KING 0 more than the body of the lion. King lion, in an arrogant mood, wanted to know why the elephant refused to carry the sack containing the baby of the donkey. Elephant did not utter a word but ‘advanced towards the lion. It used its trunk, lifted the lion into the air and threw it away about twenty metres from where the rest were. Kweku Ananse and the rest ran away leaving their foot wears behind. From that day on, the lion vowed never to go near the elephant.

assured them that what happened would not happen again. This time around he would ensure that every member of his entourage had enough to eat since they had meat in excess. They allocated to themselves tasks in the preparation of food, Cassava was peeled and boiled. After the meal was ready to be taken by Kweku Ananse and his subjects, Kweku Ananse cleverly told them that hence, he was going to give everyone’s meal to him or her. Each individual would eat from his or her bowl without interference from any body. Each animal quickly ran to bring his or her bowl. The fufu was served and Ananse put very little meat on the food of all those present. He carefully used a spoon to measure ten spoonfuls of soup onto the meal of everyone. He told them he would keep the rest of the meat in the kitchen for them until the next day. It was against the wish of the gods of the land for anyone to eat a lot of meat on the first day when a lot of meat came into the “system”. The gods would be offended hence Ananse told them to exercise patience as the rest would be eaten the next day.

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