Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

Cat never feared the lion and still challenged kweku Ananse to show him anywhere in the world. where one prayed for one hour before eating. The other animals pleaded with cat to stop exchanging words with Ananse but should allow him to pray so that they could all enjoy the meal. Ananse said he was going to pray silently. Ananse greedily ate all the food in less than thirty minutes. When the animals opened their eyes, they saw only bones in the basin. Kweku Ananse told them thatGod had sent his angels to eat the food since they had undergone a thirty day fasting. An animal

demanded to know whether angels eat fiifu and the meat of a deer. To prove to them that he had not eaten the food, he started crying and pleaded with them to chew the bones. Half a loaf is better than none or better still half a loaf is better then no bread at all. They had to chew the bones since they could not get any food to eat. The next morning, Kweku Ananse told the “gong-gong” beater to go round to inform all the animals who had not brought their sacrifice to do so immediately. Which animal was the next to present its sacrifice? Donkey, the most stupid of all animals was asked to present three instead of one of its children to be given to the Lion. Ananse looked into the sky and said, “God you are wonderful. You always double things for your children.
What we don’t even ask for, you give us. Iwill always praise your name for ever and ever till thy Kingdom come, amen” He, didn’t even allow a minute to pass before sending his present to king lion. The baby of the donkey was heavy, so when it was put in a sack, no animal could carry it. Ananse and his entourage went to see elephant to carry the sack. Elephant asked , “Who is lion for me to carry a sack to him. I don’t fear lion the way you fear him and he can’t do anything to me. I won’t carry the sack today nor tomorrow. Kweku Ananse threatened he was going to report the elephant to the lion but the elephant encouraged to do so very fast. He could even bring the lion along. The lion in a bid to prove to Kweku Ananse that he was the king of the forest, told Ananse to lead him to the doorstops of the elephant. As soon as they got to the dwelling place of elephant, they saw it uprooting gigantic trees which weighed ten times

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