Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

Ananse. The lion asked to know what had brought them. Kweku Ananse presented the baby deer to Lion. There was wild jubilation amidst singing and dancing. The next moment, fire was lit for the preparation of food but Lion stopped and reminded them of his food not being cooked.. The baby deer was devoured by Lion. It could be heard moaning as its meat was torn apart. What a sumptuous meal lion had with his family! Back at home, Kweku Ananse had narrated what happened to mother deer. He told a lie by saying that he sent all the two. babies to the lion. Ananse lit fire, roasted and dressed in a large saucepan. He garnished it and prepared soup for the family. Ananse’s children who had gone out to play came home looking very happy as they sat down to enjoy the meal. Cassava was peeled and soon put on fire.

Within a few minutes, the cassava was ready to be pounded into fufu. Zebra and Buffalo were asked to pound the fufu. Initially, they were reluctant but did it however after a warning by Kweku Ananse that he would report them to the lion.. Kweku Ananse told them to put the food in a large basin as he was going to eat the food together with the animals who accompanied him on his journey. cook the

All the animals took their seats around the fufu waiting to be signaled by their boss, Kweku Ananse before they could start. Kweku Ananse told them that all those seated near the food were to close their eyes.for one hour. He was going to pray to the Almighty God, his ancestors and all the

powers in that world to help him and the other 4 .animals who were going to eat the food for long life

and prosperity and food. During the prayer all animals were to turn their backs to the food. No one was to look directly into the food or even open an eye. Cat was the wisest among the animals. He challenged Kweku Ananse for that long prayer before taking a meal. He said it was unusual and unaccepted but Ananse insisted that since he was their king, no one was to challenge him when lie gave orders else the stubborn members among them would be sacrified.

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