Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

You can call him the king of tricks, King of`deception, King of liars and you will never be far from being right. Kweku Ananse is a mischievous character whose main purpose of existing on till earth is to deceive people to believe i it what is not the truth. Ananse lived in a community of animals who were always living in constant fear of other big and wild animals. In the animal kingdom stupidlty and vandalxs~ m was the order of the day and the animal that was able to dominate the other survived as it preyed on it. Many of the weak animals like the deer feared the lion, the leopard, tiger and all the other wxl~ d animals in the forest. One day these animals met to take a decision to find ways and means of stopping the wild aninlals from preying them.. Some of the animals were stupid not to understand the modus operandi of these wild animals, Tllcy went to consult Kweku Ananse whom they perceived to be very wise~ On the day of the visit, all the am`mals paid homage to Kweku Anansc who welcomed them~ Since none of the animals was interested in his flesh or meat he could act on their behalf to find ways and means of outwitting the bigger animals Kweku Ananse told all file animals to make hlm their chle~f and once this was done, an announcement should be made to that effect in the animal kingdom . All the animals would hear of his elevation and accord him the respect he deserves~ A grand durbar was organized the next day and in attendance were all the animals.

The King of the land, the elephant. The Queenmother of theanimals, lioness stood quietly beside her husband. Stronger and weaker animals were separated Spider or Kweku Ananse, beckoned Ills IlflguiSt the monkey to tell the gathering the purpose of theĀ  The linguist talked a lot and when he was about to end his speech, he said all the animals had usly agreed to make Kweku Ananse their King. The animals were encouraged to speak. One animal spoke after the other and in all their speech, they made one statement clear that alt courtesies and respect should be accorded whom it was due. The Peacock in an apparent display of arrogance danced beautifully in front of Kweku Anansc signifying that they were very happy to get a wise King who was going to help them to escape from the attacks of these deadly enemies,in the forest.Kweku Ananse told the weaker animals tostay behind after the wild and big animals had left.He told them he was going to seek their welfare on ail fronts. All the animals should instructions from him.. He said every montll; a weaker animal must brlng a child be sent to the lion. He was of the view that this arrangement would stop the stronger animals from attacking and killing them. The weaker animals were confused but they had nothing to say.

The first animal to bring Ins` child to Kweku Ananse to be presented to the lion was the deer. The Deer was the most timid of all the animals. Instead of ~bringl~ng a single child asagreed upon, the deer brought two of his children. The deer was of the view that since the lion killcTl her more than any other animal in the forest; ille lion would be satisfied with her “sacl trice and ‘d her the respect of a good servant Consequently she was going to be free from the danger of the lion and the other wild animals’ Thenext dy, Kwcku Ananse set off with the baby oi deer put in a sack, The servants who went \\ ItfI Kweku Ananse to present the gift to the king of Goat, Sheep and Dog. The Goat carried file The lion was happy to welcome Kwcku ~I Anause as he ran to embrace Kweku Anallse’ They walked majestically to the residence.

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