they worked, were so happy about the chiefs promise of kenkey that they rolled on the ground with joy.
As soon as the youth had finished with the tidying of the town, some women brought in ‘kenkey’, fried fish and black hot pepper. No sooner had they started eating than some two men also appeared carrying two big pots of palm-wine. After the youngmen and women had enjoyed the `kenkey’ and the palm-wine very well, they dispersed and went to their various homes, until the next weekend. One afternoon when Monkey and his friends had returned from fishing and were discharging their catch, an oldman came to them and said he would like to join them in the fishing. The Monkey said to the oldman, “Oldman, you are too old to go fishing”. The oldman said, ‘Please trust me; I am an old fisherman and I know more about fishing than all of you.
The Monkey smiled and said, ‘Then oldman, you can join us early tomorrow morning, when we are going to fish’. So the next day early in the morning, the oldman went to the beach and joined with his new fishermen friends. The Monkey and his friends were very happy and amused with the stories that the oldman told them about fishing. After they had paddled deep on the lake, they cast their net and the oldman helped them to pull it up. They caught some fish but it was not plenty. The oldman laughed and said, ‘My friends. you don’t know where to get a god catch in this lake at all;

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