After that, the three friends walked Ananse away from the farm and warned him not to enter into the farm again. They also told him never to move with them again as a friend. This worried Ananse so much so that he went to the Deer who was their chief and told him of what had happened between him and his friends. The Deer promised Ananse that he would make sure that his friends accept him again. Early one morning, the Deer sent for the Monkey, the Grasscutter and the Rabbit. When the three went, the Deer asked them what had happened between them and Ananse. The Monkey, speaking on behalf of his friends said, ‘Chief, our friend Ananse is a thief and insincere. He does not abide by anything that binds us together as friends’.
The Monkey told the Deer that on two occasions after they had made a farms, Ananse had periodically stolen from the farms and pocketed the proceeds. The Monkey said after they had warned and forgiven Ananse, he went on stealing from the farm. The Deer then sent for Ananse to come immediately. When Ananse came he, the Monkey. the Rabbit and the Grasscutter were seated and the Deer talking to them. Ananse greeted the Deer and his three friends and sat down. After that, the Deer told Ananse why he had sent for him. The Deer said, all of them had already stated their position and Ananse had also confessed that he had offended his friends, the Monkey, the Rabbit and the Grasscutter and so being their chief, he appealled that Ananse be accepted back as a friend again by his colleagues.

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