guilty’. They all said, ‘Ananse, we are sorry; this would never be mentioned again’. So they were individually going into the pineapple farm in rotation to eat some of the pineapples. When it got to the turn of Ananse to go to the farm, he took a big jute sack away and said he was going to-sleep on the sack for a while in the farm, after he had eaten some pineapples. His friends, the Monkey, the Rabbit and the Grasscutter suspected that he was going to load some pineapples into it to go and sell, but they did not say anything. Soon after Ananse had gone, they followed him to the farm. When they entered, they saw a woman hurriedly harvesting some of the pineapples into the sack which Ananse carried to the farm.
When they confronted the woman, she said
Ananse brought her to sell some pineapples to her. When they asked the woman where Ananse was, she said Ananse was at the other side of the farm with some other women selling some pineapples to them too. So the Monkey, the Rabbit and the Grasscutter rushed to that part of the farm to look at what Ananse was doing. And truly, Ananse and some women were carrying plenty of pineapples into some sacks belonging to the women. When Ananse saw his three friends, he attempted running away but was held by his friends. Ananse was so ashamed that he begged his friends to forgive him so the Monkey asked the women to pay for the pineapples which they had collected and they left the farm. The Monkey and his friends also went to the first woman they had met earlier and ordered her to also pay for the pineapples after which the women left the farm.

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