At another time when it was the turn of the Grasscutter to go to the farm and eat some of the bananas he went and met Ananse selling some of the bananas to some customers in the farm. After warning Ananse that he was a cheat, Ananse begged the Grasscutter that he would not do that again. The bananas which could have lasted for days for all of them was getting finished. The Rabbit, the Grasscutter and the Monkey, called Ananse and warned him strongly to stop that bad
behaviour. Ananse swore not to do that again. After all the bananas got finished in the farm, all the friends made up their minds to make a big pineapple farm. It took them some days for the farm to be made.
After two years, when the pineapples were ripe, the four friends, namely, Grasscutter, Rabbit, Ananse and the Monkey held a meeting to decide what they should do with the ripen pineapples. All the four friends said, they should divide the farm into two and reserve one part for themselves and sell the other part. SCA the four friends arranged and sold one part of the pineapples to the market women in the town. After the sales, the Monkey, the
-ZrasscUtter, the Mabbit and Manse made some money and shared it equally. They then agreed that each one of them was free to go to the farm to eat any quantity of pineapples he liked, but stressed that no one should set’ any as Ananse did to the bananas. Ananse felt shy and said, ‘Please my friends, let us
forget what I did in the past; it makes me sad and

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