friends became happy because they knew a little after a year, they would harvest many bunches of banana.
One morning when the four friends were walking in the farm and admiring how the bananas were ripening, they also planned what to do to the ripen ones. The four went and stood under one ripen one and cut the stem down. They began eating it. After the four friends, the Grasscutter, the Monkey, Ananse and the Rabbit had finished eating, they asked among themselves whether they should sell ‘ some or eat all the bananas in the farm. The monkey suggested they should sell half of the bananas on the farm and keep the other half for themselves. They all agreed to what the monkey had said so they divided the farm into two. They sold all the bananas on one half of the farm to the public and shared equally the proceeds and left the other half for themselves.

Now the four friends made it a rule that anytime that any of them wanted to eat some bananas, he could go to the farm and eat any quantity that he wanted to and should not bring the bananas home to eat. So all the four friends were doing that in turns. One day, when monkey went to the farm to eat some bananas, he met Ananse in the farm selling some of the bananas to some people. Monkey said when he challenged Ananse and said what he was doing was wrong and that he was cheating the rest of them, Ananse begged him and said he would not do that again. At another time when it was the turn of Rabbit to go to the farm and eat some banana, he met Ananse in the farm selling some of the banana to some people. When the Rabbit challenged Ananse and told him what he was doing amounted to cheating, Ananse begged the Rabbit.

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