eastern side of the lake and cast their net. When they cast the net at the exact place that the oldman had shown, to their utter surprise, they caught many assorted fish, and it was with difficulty that they could drag it into the canoe. The oldman told them to go in for another catch, so the Monkey and his people threw their net at the same place again and caught plenty of fish once more.
When they returned with their catch, all the women and the people who were around were very surprised. The women asked the Monkey how they located those big fish. Monkey and his friends said their new friend, the oldman had been showing them where those big fish were. An old fishmonger said she had known the oldman since she was a young woman and said the oldman was an experienced fisherman who knew very well the location of the big fish in the lake. For some days the Monkey and his friends were not seeing the oldman at the beach, so they went to his house to ask of him. When they went, the oldman who had no one around him was very sick and lying in bed.
The moment the oldman saw his friends, the Monkey, Ananse, the Grasscutter and the Rabbit, tears began to flowdown his cheeks. Thefourfriends were moved by the tears from the oldman’s eyes. The four went and sat by him on the bed and asked, what was wrong with him. The oldman said he had fallen sick three days ago. and had wanted to inform them, but unfortunately he had no one to send. Ananse asked the oldman whether he had a wife. The oldman said he had a wife, but the woman left him when their son got drowned in the lake as he had told them before. Unfortunately as soon as he said that, he died. The oldman’s death was so shocking and pathetic. The four friends informed the chief, and the oldman was given a grand burial by the town people. It is always good to confess, accept and change from your bad ways. With this, you would always be forgiven, as had happened to Ananse.

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