fish on this very lake, my son said he would like to go with me to experience what it looked like to sit in a canoe on a river. We went with a youngman who was also a fisherman. Suddenly there was a storm and our small canoe capsized. We managed and swam back but the young lad had to perish in the
lake’. After the oldman had told us about this incident, he gulped down some of the gin again. For a few minutes we became quiet and could not talk nor continue with what we were doing. Then Ananse said, ‘Oldman, we are very sorry for that bitter experience that you had had.” The oldman answered and said, ‘My friends, when that misfortune happened to me, I cried and wept for days, but I thank God, I have forgotten about it until this day that I am telling your.. After the tiff ftientb,, the Monkey, the Rabbi. the utier and Ananse had finished mending theirfistiling net they all went back home to meet again the next &a y’ at the lakeside. The r • riay at the beach, they/found the oldman aiready there waiting, sir without
asting time, they jumped into their canoe and sett off to fish.
After they had gone quite a distance on the [aka a slight storm started and Markey acrd his fiittndii were scared a title except the old man: The (*trim said, Are you afraid of this storm? ‘Do riot wcnTrg it is not like the one eve- lanced some years min, which I lost my only chilid. After the aidmarr hed said that all the four people felt relaxed and wetter!) rowing forward. The oldrran told them to get the

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