The killers couldn’t understand how a weak old man could bring them down easily like that; they swore to kill the old man when they came out of jail, but the old man replied back to them that in their dreams. Mr. and Mrs. Davidson were sitting sadly behind a bowl of rice that evening staring at the food ideally when they herd the phone rang, they both jumped from their seats to reach the telephone and almost had their food thrown away. Mr. Davidson reached the telephone first and was asked to come to the police station for questioning. When they got to the police station; there was their lost daughter Amanda, whom got missing for months. The police then told the family what happened and how the old man came Amanda’s way and also saved her life. The old man also asked the couples to correct their daughter whenever she went wrong no matter the number of times she committed that mistake.

The ritual killers were jailed for life since there was no way they could escape now; they also confessed to be the brain behind the other school children who got missing months ago, but they were very unlucky because they killed them all. Amanda was taken home and with the help of her parents, she got over the incident slowly which wasn’t easy at all. The old man who saved her life was rewarded handsomely for helping Amanda and the police too; but he left the huge sum of money they gave him to Amanda when he was leaving. He said there was no need to have that money since he was going to die soon. The news ofAmanda the missing girl soon spread everywhere and everyone who heard the story learnt out of it. Everyone who helped look for Amanda got happy when they learnt that she had returned back home safely with the killers behind police cells. When Amanda got back to school; she apologized to her teachers and all whom she had been rude to or hurt, She promised never to be disobedient to anyone ever again from now; everyone was surprised at the new changed Amanda who was once notorious and very disobedient to everyone. As she stood in her class to advise her mates; tears rolled down her face and she ended her story with the words, “IT PAYS TO BE OBEDIENT”.

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