journey and was almost close to the highway; one of the killers who was monitoring the street to see any sign of the girl saw the old man they saw days ago in the hut when they we searching for the girl. He first suspected the man but when he looked behind him and dint se anyone walking after the old man; he ignored him and focused on where he was looking. The smart old man who had n the young man from afar, asked Amanda to on the ground in the bush and crawl after hin+since he knew the men would still be out for him. True to his words, there was one of them by the highway seriously looking-out for her as if he knew she would come that way. The old man who had a gun in his long tied cloth, shot the killer in his head and dragged him away through the bushes. After they had walked a few meters away; they 18 saw a van coming their way and stopped the car, luckily for them, it was the police search team. Amanda narrated her story to the police and couldn’t stop crying as well, the old man also told his part of the story and even showed the police where the dead ki Iler was. The police then decided to set a trap for the ritual killers since they knew they were not far from the place the old man saw one ofthem. The other killers who got tired of waiting for a response from their friend, decided to join him where he was asked to go and spy for any information. when they all got to the spot; they were surprised to find an empty spot and started calling out for him but herd nothing; they got alarmed and decided to look around and found him dead behind a bush. When they run back to the highway to see any sign of a person who had been around the place; they found the old man walking weakly with a stick in his hand in what seem like a run. All at once; the killers started running after the old man and surrounded him in a second beating him at once, they then suspected him to have been the reason for the little girl’s escape. The killers asked him to show them where he hid the girl or else face death right away since they were not going to have mercy on him. The old man led them through a path and got a place where he pretended to fall and faint; when he fell, the killers got confused and were about to raise him up when the police pounced on them from nowhere. The trap had worked perfectly well in the favor of the police and the old man thou he was beaten. The killers were all arrested and taken to the police station, whiles the old man and Amanda followed up in another police car.

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