In her struggle to climb a hill that she came across; her feet slipped and sent her rolling back on the floor which made her hit her head hard on a tree stump. The pain was so painful that she screamed very loud drawing the attention of a farmer who was harvesting maize on his farm close by. The old man who herd the scream run towards that direction and found Amanda lying helplessly on the ground struggling to stand and walk, he immediately carried her up with the little strength left in him to his small little hut that was isolated away from the other buildings. The old farmer immediately boiled some herbs; gave her some to drink and applied some herbs on her wounded feet and wrist. Amanda soon fell into a deep sleep and woke-up in fright when she heard footsteps that sounded familiar to her. It was deep in the night but she still recognized those steps to those ofthe wicked men who kidnapped her. They had finally got to know of her escape and were looking for her since they knew she couldn’t go that far because ofher bleeding.

Unknown to Amanda and the killers; the old farmer who helped her was a herbal doctor who knew what those wicked men were up to, so he hid Amanda under his bed and lay on his back like an old dying man who had no strength in him. When they finally ‘entered the old man’s hut; they were convinced that Amanda was there, but after searching everywhere, left without bordering the old man since they thought he was harmless. After they left and the old knowing it was safe; finally asked Amanda to come out from her hiding place and take her bath to prepare for her journey. She cried the whole day thinking she would have died had it not been for the old man. The old man then asked her what she did to the men or how she even came to know them; Amanda then narrated her story to the old man about how she was very stubborn and disrespectful back home, which led her to this kind oftrouble. The old man listened to her and felt pity for her; he then advised her and asked her to change her ways and character when she got back home. The old man then led her home through the forest on foot since there was no car in that vicinity to transport them to where they were going. When they had walked half mile through their AND KILLERS

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