They both finally went because Amanda’s mother pleaded with her husband to have mercy on her and even cried for her husband to change his mind. When they got to the school, there was still no sign of their daughter and the headmistress had to break the news to them. They immediately checked with her friends and other family relatives to check if she was with any of them, but there was no sign of Amanda.Getting alarmed and suspecting that she either was somewhere that no one knew, or she had fallen victim of the recent kidnapping saga. The headmistress and Amanda’s parents had to alert the police immediately for assistance since they couldn’t find her anywhere. The police then sent messages all-round the country about missing Amanda, they also made posters and pasted it on almost every corner to inform the public about the incident in case someone saw her and wanted to help.

One week had passed and there was still no sign of Amanda anywhere; it was as if the ground had just swallowed her up. Even thou she was very stubborn and disobedient; no one wanted anything bad to happen to her, all her teachers, friends and those she had bullied and hurt all helped in one way or the other to look for her or get any information that might help the police to trace her or find out where to begin the search from.A woman who sold sweets beside a big gutter near a corner reported to the police when she saw Amanda’s picture posted all over town, She had seen her pass-by with one of the strangers and then the other one together again, but dint suspect anything till she saw the little girl’s picture. The woman also showed the police were she saw them going, and the police immediately went there to search for anything that will be of help to them but got little inforrnation. The kidnappers were very smart to have done their work without apy trace at all. Her parents could not sleep or eat; their Only daughter was missing for many days without a word from her. They tried all they could but to find their daughter but only got disappointed to find little results; they were gradually loosing hope and were beginning to believe that she would never return to them ever again just like tbe other missing girls who were kidnapped. Back in the camp •where Amanda was kept; the wicked kidnappers got the news about the search for Amanda and decided to postpone their plans till everything got quite for some time. One of them suggested that they kill her and take her blood away.for their ritual since that was all they needed; but the rest did not agree with him because they taught the landlord who gave them the building would alert the police if he saw something fishy there and that would be the end of their plans. After deciding on what to do; they all

left the building to spy on points where the police would not pass or inspect, so that they use that lane to quickly travel out of the eountw and perform their wicked rituals. As they continued to go round spy on the routes to use, they forgot to lock the door when they were leaving the building. Amanda who felt that there was no one with her, struggled to get the cloth that they used to tie her eyes off and was surprised to find the door not locked with the key left inside. She jumped and dragged herself on the ground to get the key and finally unlocked the padlock that was used to lock the chains around her tiny feet’s and hands. Amanda began to bleed after she had taken the chains off her feet making it difficult for her to walk properly. When the men returned back from their spy journey thinking the road was clear for them to use, they only came back to meet an empty house. It did not occur to them at first that Amanda had escaped because the door was locked; they knocked several times thinking one of them was inside, When after several times they knocked without any response or sign; they got more confused and surprise when the person they thought was inside also came from behind watching with confused eyes. The gang immediately started looking for her everywhere -but dint find her, they knew very well that she couldn’t have gone that far by herself.

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