Amanda was very much excited at the money that she had just received from the strange man; after saying thank you to them, she left the place and heading back to school. Unknown to her; the kidnappers had some men watching her after she left the place and kept following her. Amanda was halfway through her walk back to school when a car horn blew loudly behind her, she stopped and saw the man she helped with the other man who gave her the money; they asked her to join them in the car so that they can drop her anywhere that she wanted to.
As soon as she sat in the car, she noticed another man was in the car with them who looked very huge and scary too; but they told her he was also dropping off at a place.
Sitting in the middle of two strange men, she felt uncomfortable but decided to be still since the ride will even help her get back to school earlier than she always did. When they got to the place where she had to drop; the men sped off and laughed loudly making her voice sound very little in the car.
Amanda kept shouting on top of her voice to the man to stop the car and drop her; but the driver turned back at her and smiled wickedly and said sorry to her. You were fooled by all that we gave you right? Amanda started shouting on top of her voice and kicking at the men who were sitting beside her; but the men were very strong for her little tiny body. They all started laughing and sang happily that they had got another meal for their dwarf to take.

As she started crying; the men covered her nose with a white handkerchief and that made her sleep immediately. When she finally woke-up from her sleep; she found herself in a building that smelled very strange to her, she got to know it was a building because the men told someone to lock the door very well when he wanted to step out and also never to allow the girl out of the building even if she was crying and dying.

Amanda’s eyes were tied with a piece of cloth, and both her hands and legs were tied with chains; she pleaded with the person whom they left behind with her, but the man shouted at her to keep quite if she did not want to die earlier than they planned.

Amanda could do nothing but cry and shed tears, even if she wanted to shout and cry for help, where was she going to start from. Back in school, the headmistress was conducting a roll call to know the number ofstudents and around and also be alert if something bad was going on. Students who usually left school without permission got into serious trouble when caught. After every class was checked; it got to the notice ofthe headmistress that a student was not in school as it showed, they checked again and it was no other person thanAmanda the stubborn girl. The headmistress then called her parents to come to the school for a talk since it wasn’t advisable to have that discussion on telephone. Amanda’s parents got to the school with no sign of Amanda there as they were thinking; Amanda’s father did not want to go in the first place because he was fed-up with his daughters stubbornness, and told his wife to let the school discipline her.

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