After completing junior high school, she got enrolled in a secondary school where she was her parents thought she would change, but it rather got worse. Amanda became the .most notorious student who dint listen to her teachers or anyone when they advised her. One faithful Monday morning; the headmistress of that school called the whole school for an emergency meeting to warn them about some dangers which other schools had already gone through. It was announced that, some unknown people were kidnapping school children for ritual purposes and other evil things. As soon as the students dispersed to their various classrooms; Amanda sneaked outside the school as usual to roam about in town and browse on the interne at a busy café for friends.

It was something she always did without getting caught and thought she was smarter than her teachers, all this time around; she paid one of her mates to always write her assignments and notes whenever she wasn’t around. If the girl refuses to do it for her; she would blackmail her and bully her so much that she would would end up doing it for her at once.

During one of her usual escapes from school to town, she met a strange young gentleman who asked her for direction to a place where most people knew except strangers.
Amanda looked at the man from head to toe and smiled to herself thinking she could get some money from the man and also fool him. Little did she know that she had just met a ritual killer whom was a threat to her, as she led the man to the location he was looking for; Amanda asked the man questions to know if he was really from a rich place because of the phone she saw him holding. They knowing very well that the girl he was walking with was a school girl; decided to behave like a bush man who just came to town to look for someone, he therefor gave the phone to Amanda to help him call some numbers.
Amanda quickly grabbed the phone and asked forthe numbers he wanted to call; the trap was working perfectly as the kidnappers had planned. The school girl they just got was a child whom they could easily deceive . and use for their evil purposes, she was attracted by the flashy phone that the man was holding and dint suspect a thing about his dressing and the way he even spoke.
Any child who is observant and intelligent wouldn’t go far with such a strange person; he ‘or she would direct the person to an elderly person if the person really was looking for direction.

After they had walked for some time, the man again asked Amanda to call the number again since the first call did not go through. The call was picked by another man who asked Amanda to bring the stranger to the location that he was looking for and she would be given a huge sum of money to buy some shoes and watch.
She was so happy that she decided not to fool the stranger as she had planned from the beginning; they hurriedly walked to the location and met another man who was waiting for them.
The sight of the location alone should have sent a warning sign to Amanda to leave the place immediately and resist the men she was walking with. Even thou she felt very strange between the two men; the money they promised her was enough for her to stay back and collect it. The man they finally met gave her a huge amount of money and thanked her for helping his brother who had just returned from the village.

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