Amanda is becoming a very stubborn girl that when she is not checked properly and corrected; will be a disgrace to us one day.

Mr. Davidson was talking with anger in his voice to his wife whom he called Vicky; they both got married when they had finished school and gotten jobs to do in the ministries sector ofpublic service. Mr. Davidson was the eldest son of his family who always instilled discipline in his other younger brother as the head of their home after his father passed away two years ago.

He made sure to provide for his family and also worked very hard to help his mother in providing for the house. After he completed school, he worked for a while to be able to send his other siblings to school too. His mother was very proud of him as the first child who behaved responsibly and provided much like her husband his father would have than if he were still alive. Davidson got married to Vicky after they finished school and was working at the same area; they both had a child two years later and continued to be a happy family. It was so unfortunate that their Daughter Amanda did not take after her parents or grandparents; she would simple disobey her parents and try to have her way in whatever they told her. Amanda was named after an important lady who played a major role in their society and the Christian Catholic Church.

Everyone including her parents were all expecting their child to emulate the greatness of the lady they named her after; because that was the main reason why children were named after great people. In this family alone, it was a different story altogether; it was as thou they had chosen the wrong name for their daughter.
Amanda would always go look for trouble out and come running home to hide when the people chase her to have her beaten; her father usually beat her when he was home and herd the complains, but he mother always jumped to her side to defend her. In school; all her friends drove her away when she came close to play with them, she was known to be a bully who would always make one cry even i they were happily playing

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