Many years ago, God decided to make a party for the Animal Kingdom. It was to be a very big party because all the kings and chief in the kingdom were going to be present. It was going to include many other domestic and wild animals. In fact any animal that mattered in God’s creation was going to be present.

             God wanted to organize the party to reward the animal for various roles they had played in the world since he created it. Some had become pastors who taught the other animal the difference between good and evil. Some had also become farmers, hunters and fishers, making sure that there was always food for the other animals. Others had become teachers, educating the animals about how to preserve Gods creation. So God wanted to reward them all.

           Lawyers, Doctor, Manufactures, Drives, Musicians, and Masons were all gig to be rewarded. Lawyers defended the voiceless and doctors healed the sick. Manufacturers turned natural gifts to needed goods and drivers conveyed people to their various destinations. Musicians kept people happy, and Masons gave the animals places of shelter.

           Because of the nature of the party, God decided to form a team of organizers who were to ensure that the party was successfully organized. The carpenters were to mount a very huge tent, and the cooks were to prepare the meals for the occasions. Ananse was the leader of the organizers.


The Carpenters and Cooks among the animals were more than the number God needed and so he asked many animal who was interested in becoming part of the organizers to apply for an interview. He was also going to use the interview to choose a leader for the organizers. Every animal wanted to work for God, and so most of them applied. Ananse and other animals such as Tiger, Monkey, Tilapia, Cat, Elephant, Chimpanzee, Shark, Crow, Butterfly, Bee, Hippopotamus, and Eagle applied, but Ananse forced his way to become the leader at all cost.

          After God had issued the vacancy announcement, he set a date and time for the interested animals to present their applications. The deadline was 5:00 pm of the third market day of the year. As at 4:55pm on that day, all the other animals who were interested had sent their applications these animals were time conscious and did not want to wait until the last minute. For Ananse he had his own plans and so went to submit his form just at the stroke of time. Ananse presented his applications when it was just a minute to 5: 00 pm. The animals that had gone there earlier were not given the date for the interview. God decided to give the date and time to the last person. This animal was to give the date and time to all the other animals. This was because he wanted to know the total number of applicants and fix a date that would be less busy for all of them. So God gave Ananse the date for the interview as he was the last person. The date was the last but one market day of the year. They were to use the other days to prepare for the interview.

             When Ananse went to the other animal he told them the interview was the last market day of the year. Ananse said this so that the other animals would miss the interview. If Ananse attended the interview alone, he would become the automatic leader of the organizers and this was all he wanted. When the day for h interview came Ananse was the only applicant present. He was at the palace of God as early as 6:00 in the morning. God asked Ananse to wait for sometime for the others to arrive, but after waiting and waiting no other animal came so God went ahead to interview Ananse.


Early the next morning, there was an announcement from God that, because Ananse was the only animal who obeyed God’s orders and responded to the interview, he had been made the leader of the organizers. But the work was huge and could not do it along. Because of it, he was given the power to appoint other animals to assist him. Ananse was the one to determine the pay for these helpers. Ananse became very happy when he heard the news.

However, the other animals became worried about the news. They were disappointed. They thought God had changed the date without informing them. These animals protested against God, but God’s decision was final.

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