Immediately Monkey demanded his share of the work they have done so far, Mr. Lion disagreed with him and said, whaa-aat? He said with much threat towards the direction where Monkey was speaking form. I have nothing to share with you.

The animals are bigger than you are and as a matter of fact you can’t kill and chew them alive. Besides I can do that. Mr. Lion asked Monkey, “Why not take some of your own children and chew them up? I think that would be far better than coming for someone’s children.

Monkey replied, I can’t catch and chew my own children just because we share the same blood. But you can chew someone’s children, said Monkey.

Nonsense talk, said Lion. What exactly do you mean by that, you are making me annoyed, said Lion. Leave my house now Monkey! Mr. Lion ask Monkey to leave his residence but Monkey refused.

Then he said, if you are refusing to go, wait I will replace the meat with banana. He went into his room and came back with two bulk of banana in his hands.

Suddenly, he said to Monkey, instead of the meat, I will replace banana. I know you Monkeys like banana so much that nobody can challenge you. Monkey replied, i don’t like banana but I want the meat. This is not agreement I had with you. We promised to share everything equally after the hunger period. I don’t know you, leave my house before it’s too late.

“You are a cheat and wicked Lion, God will punish and kill you forever, said Monkey. Immediately Monkey had said that he left the Lion’s house and quickly climbed a tree to see his children.

When Monkey reached the house he couldn’t sleep and thought about what Lion did against him. He called all his children and put everything before them.

All the children drew their conclusion and gave him advice to set a trap against Mr. Lion and kill him forever.

He agreed with his children. He then asked his children to help him to dig a deep hole. After digging the hole they covered it with cocoa leaves secretly.

The next afternoon Monkey went to the house of the Lion but he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Mr. Lion lying down flat in front of his door.

Then he asked, Mr. Lion what is wrong with you? Mr. Lion replied, I am hungry. Monkey repeated, hungry? Yes, I am very hungry. Where are the meat you collected from the other animals? He asked the Lion. I have finished consuming them. Monkey opened his mouth widely with a surprise.

Okay, what brought you here this afternoon? Oh Mr. Lion, I have come to invite you to attend my birthday party this evening. Where did you get food to celebrate your birthday party? Never mind Mr. Lion, you are most welcome if you wish. Immediately Monkey left, King Lion stood up and dressed in a white cloth and black shoes. On his way he met Antelope, Tiger and Elephant also attending the special party of wise Monkey. Mr. Lion was very happy to attend to such a wonderful party of his friend Monkey. He was going with an intention that after the party he will catch Monkey’s children to chew and break their born into pieces. When he got there he saw Monkey’s children with white coat with black shoes that showed that something special was going on there.

On his arrival, he couldn’t find his way to the party ground. He was directed to where monkey had made a deep hole in ground. He did not know that Monkey had a bad mind to trap him up. So while he was following the direction, Monkey’s prayer was that his trap would get him up and destroy him into pieces.

When he got to the edge of the hole ground, his last step slipped him into the deep hole of the ground where the trap was set right against him. He shook his tale and cried for help but no one went into his rescue. He cried until he died sadly in that hole.

Since then, all the animals continued to live happily in the forest forever.


1).       What is the name of the great king in the forest?

2).       Who had a dream?

3).       Who said, “I will replace banana instead of meat?

4).       Who cheated Monkey after the borne hole water was made?

5).       What did Lion tell Monkey after the strike ended?

6).       Who set the trap against Mr. Lion?

7).       Who refused to accept Mr. Lion’s suggestion after Monkey had the dream?

8).       What is the full name of this charity organisation “N’hopo”?

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