Long time ago, there lived a great lion and all the other Animals in the deep forest. Lion was the great king of the forest and Monkey was his best friend at that time. Lion was kind and always walking together with Monkey when he was very hungry. Other animals in the forest were jealous of their friendship such as Tiger, Elephant and Antelope. They did not want to see the lion and where they were gathered together.

They always get annoyed when they see the two lovely friends, Monkey and the lion together. It was a great quiet moon in the might, when Monkey slept and had a dream but he did not understand the interpretation of that dream.

So he walked half away from his habitat to his best friend lion to share what he had in mind with him. When Monkey arrived at the residence of Mr. Lion, he greeted, good morning.

“He responded cheerfully”,  he yawned and shook his tale immediately and asked, Monkey, what brought you here this early morning.

Mr. Lion, it is a dangerous dream. Monkey told his story to the great king, lion. Lion held his jaw quietly and said, “Monkey, I understand the interpretation of dream”.

It means that there will be no rain for 360 good days. Our rivers at which we drink from would dry up and all the trees in the forest would burn to ashes and all the animals in the forest would have nothing to eat. Monkey looked very quiet and shook his head in sadness.

Then Monkey asked, “What do you think we can do to solve this problem? Mr. Lion sat quietly for some time and said,  ”I am sure we cannot solve this issue all by ourselves, go and inform the other animals to convene a general meeting so that I can put this serious issue before them”. Immediately, all the animals gathered together before the great king of the forest. Mr. Lion told them what Monkey had dreamt about and how they could solve the problem in case it comes to pass.

 Immediately, Elephant stood up from where he was sitting, cleared his throat and spoke in anger, “I don’t think this is an important issue that we need to sit and discuss about”. Yes, I support Elephant strongly that if rain would not fall what has that got to do with us, said Antelope”. Truly, I support Elephant. I think what Monkey dreamt about was “boomed” out of his own imagination”, said Tiger. Immediately Tiger had finished talking, all the other small animals applauded in support of what their three colleagues had said. Infect, Mr. Lion bowed down his head and shook his head in despair and said,” I only feel sorry for the small and defenceless animals who live in the forest because when the period of famine comes, I foresee the forest being turned into a jungle for survivals of the fitters. The strong animals like Tiger, Elephant and Antelope would survive by eating the flesh of the small animals as food. All the animals of the forest denied the allegation and immediately scattered. Mr. Lion looked at Monkey who looked quiet and said, “you look too quite for my liking,” What do you think, would be the next step to take before the famine begins? asked LION. Okay  Mr. Lion, I have a little idea to share with you.

Monkey began; perhaps we now have food, green leaves and water. Let us dig a borehole, which will be full of water and put some of the green leaves into it before all leaves of the trees will get dry.

“That is true Monkey”. Said Mr. Lion. “You have a good idea but we have no tools for this hard work”. “Then let us go for the tools of the Elephants,”  said the Monkey.

As they arrived, Elephant asked of their mission. Then Mr. Lion being the great king of the forest spoke. “Elephant, we have come to your house so that you lend us your tools for one month.” “What are you going to use my tools for?” He asked. Mr. Lion replied, “I want to build a bamboo structure room for my children. “You know the weather is very cool in the night and it is terribly affecting their health. I therefore want to provide a befitting shelter for my kids”. Elephant opened his mouth widely and laughed at them all.

“Nonsense, you are now learning sense from me”. Elephant did not shake his head but went into his room and brought different kind of tools that were necessary for their work; they thanked him for his kindness.

Monkey and Lion did as discussed before they went for the tools and kept everything secret between themselves. They did that in the night without the knowledge of any animal. Later, the famine began. The rain cloud became heavy but surprisingly rain did not fall as they were expecting.

However, in some few months later, all the trees and rivers started to dry up gradually. Every single animal was struggling for food to eat and water to drink but they couldn’t find it. Most of them were dying and almost all the animals needed water to quench their thirst. Other got water to drink. Others did not find food to eat to live. One day, Elephant called all the animals in the kingdom and put his suggesting before them.

Elephant cleared his throat and said to them, “We know we have wronged Mr. Lion the great king of the forest and the Monkey. Now the hunger strike has began and we have no solution to our problem.

Let us go and consult Mr, Lion and Monkey to give us the solution. All the animals did not utter a word but agreed and followed him straight to the place and put their problem before them. “When I told you about the dream Monkey had concerning the possible drought the future had for us, you did not give us your support.

Elephant you did not give me your mind. You denied the possibility for this every happening. But all the same don’t worry I have a solution to your problems. Lion said. All the animals were very happy and raised their hands into the air. Cool down my colleagues. I have food and water to solve your problems. They began to laugh and smile for the good response.

 Mr. Lion spoke to the younger once of the forest that, you think you are stubborn animals who would disobey every suggestion I put before you and you are now begging me to give you food and drink to reduce your hunger and thirst.

It’s too late my small members of animals. If you had obeyed me earlier, your life would not have been the same. Now that the famine has began, you are doomed forever. Big animals like Tiger, Elephant and Antelope are going to eat your flesh as food. All the animals responded-whaa-a-a-t-! After the Lion had finished talking, he turned to the Elephant angrily and spoke,

“You think you are wiser than l do”. Before I will give you some of the food and drink, either you give out one of your children in exchange.     

Immediately Mr. Lion had finished saying that all the animals shouted, mmm!!!!! We are in trouble, now! What shall we do than, said the Parrot. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves now, said Rat. Yes, it is too late, there is nothing we can do to save ourselves now but we can run. Yes wed can but we can’t hide, said the Mouse. That is true, said Mr. Spider. All the little animals planned but they couldn’t succeed with what they planned.

That evening the animals were so hungry that the Elephant and all the animals in the kingdom could not cope with the situation. They began to struggle for food but they couldn’t find it. They however marched to the palace to put their petition before Mr. Lion. Mr. Lion turned his back at them. Everyone cried for food. Elephant did not want to die out of hunger so he gave out four out of his children in exchange for food.

Mr. Lion was very happy to see Elephant bold enough giving out his four children for food. The next day Tiger and Antelope also did the same thing.

They however, exchange their children for food till all the animals got finished in the forest excluding Monkey the best friend of great Lion.

After the hunger period, Monkey went to the residence of Mr. Lion and put everything before him as they discussed already. Mr. Lion, l have come to collect my share of the work we did according to the agreement made.

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