What Are Doing To My Food? l Was Just Trying To Removed An Ant, Which Has Just Fallen Into The Food.

Serwah said,” Ananse, you are lying, I saw you with my own naked eye trying to put in my food poisonous substance,”

Before this incident Yaa Serwah had a dream in which Brother Ananse was conspiring with somebody to kill her. This gave credence to her dream of her only brother conspiring to eliminate her. This however made Yaa Serwah refuse to have any association with him. Instead of Brother Ananse finding some elders to apologise to Yaa Serwah, he rather left the wedding unceremoniously. Enmity started creeping into their fold. Each of them does not want to see an eye with the other. Ananse decided to keep his activities to himself without consulting Yaa Serwah when he was in need.

One year later, Ananse went to his old ways of life, that is chasing women, drinking and taking of drugs. This affected his business dealings. He was not meeting time schedules with his customers, so he lost more business contacts.

Things were hard for Ananse so he decided to take a cue from how Yaa Serwah acquired her wealth. He set off to the farm on one early morning. He walked for an hour without any sign of a child crying. He become worried and started cursing his star. He said to himself I am not going give up for Yaa Serwah to boast around with her money.

Just as he was about to negotiate a curve, he heard a child crying. Ananse said in his heart that today, I am also going to be a rich man. He quickly went to the direction of the noise. Lo and behold, there stood a boy of about seven years crying and tears flowing freely from his eyes. Ananse asked the child, “Why are you crying.” The child replied, “I came to the farm with my parents. But l lost whiles trying to catch a nice brown necked parrot. Besides, l am hungry.”

 Ananse shouted, “Bad boy, instead of you being with your parents on the farm, you decided to play around with birds. I don’t have any food for you naughty boy.”

The boy asked, “Please I am dying so help me.”Then Ananse gave him some small bread to eat and told him to finish it fast since he was in a hurry. The boy ate the bread in no time and requested for water to quench his thirst. Ananse was reluctant to give him some water, but the boy persuaded him and he gave him some small water.

As soon as the boy finished eating, he turned into an old man with white beard. Ananse was not shaken at all since he had foreknowledge about the old man.

 Ananse Led The Old Man To The Forest.

Instead of Ananse waiting for the old man to lead him to the forest, he rather led the way and instructed the old man to show him the containers for the treasures. The old man did not utter a word, but took Ananse to the hidden place where the containers one kept.

 Ananse Put The Pot Of Container Under His Armpit.

 Ananse saw some of the fanciful containers and immediately took it without waiting for the old man to instruct him.  Ananse put the container under his armpit and hurriedly left for home without thanking the old man. He was happy in his heart that at least his lost glory would be regained.

When Ananse reached the house, He wanted to make sure it contains the treasure so he lowered his hands into the post to retrieve the treasure in it. Incidentally, the pot provided a comfort abode for wild bees. Ananse’s disturbances infuriated the bees and attacked Ananse by stinging him to death.

The Bees Stings Ananse Till He Died.


We shouldn’t follow people blindly. We should be content with what we have. At the appointed time GOD will put everything in orderly for each and everyone.



 1). What is the name of Ananse’s father?

2). Who is the elder son of Kwaku Odombo?

3). Which people had a terrible accident when they were travelling?

4). Who took the greater part of Kwaku Adombo’s property?

5). Who sleep in the bamboo room when times were hard?

6). Who did the old man bless?

7). What advice did the old man with the white beard gave to Serwah?

8). Who wanted to take Yaa Serwaah’s properties after her death?

9). Mention one person who advice Ananse to return peacefully?

10). Who gave Ananse the treasures?

11). What decision did Ananse take?

12). Which insect killed Ananse?

13). What is the full name of this Charity Organisation “N’hopo”

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