Once upon a time, there lived a famous rich man called Kwaku Odombo in the small village of Akwasikrom. He had two children. The names of the daughter was Yaa Serwah and the son was called Ananse. Ananse was the elder brother of Yaa Seerwah and they were living happily with their parents in the same house. One day, their parent’s travelled to Ninkyiso and on their return journey; They had a terrible accident and both parents died. The people of Akwasikrom did  not understand the sudden death of Mr. Kwaku Odombo and his wife. The township was shocked to hear this news.  While some people were mourning sorrowfully other tried to find the ‘cause of death’, but no avail.

They were buried according to the customs and traditions of Akwasikrom. Their father left behind properties such as house, farms and other as gold, diamond and what have you, people thought that the children would not lack anything.

After the burial of the parents, the head of the family shared the properties among the children of Kwaku Odombo. But Ananse being the elderly got a greater part of his father’s properties. Yaa Serwah did not complain but kept her feeling to herself.

 Ananse hired some thieves to steal his sister’s properties, which made her become a pauper. Ananse became one of the richest people in the town of Akwasikrom. He did not help his sister when she was in need but rather laughed at her all the time. While his younger sister Yaa Serwah became poor, she was compelled to live in a bamboo built house. People who knew his father before he died complained bitterly about Ananse for not being able to help the sister. It was Yaa Serwah’s prayers that one day her dead father’s ghost will avenge what Ananse had done to her.

Yaa Serwah did not comprehend what was happening, so she consulted an old woman at the town of Akwasikrom. As soon as Yaa Serwah arrived, she greeted the old woman. The old woman responded cheerfully. The old woman welcomed her and said, my daughter how may l help you.

Old Woman: “Sit down, my daughter”. What is your story about?

Then Yaa Serwah answered and said to the old woman, “My father was Kwaku Odombo the richest man in the town of Akwasikrom,”

“He was my friend at that time.” Said the old woman. Serwah continue her story, “My father died about three month ago. The properties he bequeathed to us were shared between my brother and l. Unfortunately, thieves came to steal my share of the properties leaving me nothing”

She continued, “I asked my brother to help me but he turned a deaf ear to my request. “Don’t worry, my dear, if your brother has refused to help you leave everything to God. At the appointed time, He will lift up His Mighty hands and you will see His Glory. She implored her to give her life to the Lord Jesus Christ said the old woman

Yaa Serwah did as the old woman had good said; She became a good Christian praying and reading the Bible and fasting day and night all the time.

One day, Yaa Serwah had a dream and in the dream she saw that the Angels of the Lord had sent her into heaven and had showed her a container filled with all kind of valuables.

Yaa Serwah did not understand her dream. She was totally disturbed. The next day, Serwah decided to go to the farm to harvest some maize for her daily use.

On the way, she heard a child crying and she immediately went to the aid of the poor child. She found out that he was a seven-year-old boy who has beeb stranded on the farm.

She asked the child, “Who are your parents? The boy answered. ”I came with my parents to the farm and wanted to catch a nice brown necked parrot bird. Unfortunately, l got lost. “He added, “Please, I am hungry.”

Serwa said, “Sit down my brother.”She had some kenkey and fish in her basket and quickly gave it to him. The boy ate as if he had not been eating for months.

The boy requested for water and Serwah willingly gave the water she has brought from the house to him. As soon as he finished eating, the child turned into an old man with white beard.

Then The Old Man Led Serwah To The Forest.

Serwah was frightened but the old man asked her not to panic. “You have a good reward in heaven. The Angels of God had sent me to you to take you out of your present situation.”

She bowed said, and knelt down before the old man. Then the man said, ”My daughter today your suffering has ended.” And Serwah responded “Amen”. The old man asked Serwah to accompany him to the forest. He showed Serwah containers of all kinds and in them are treasures. Some of the containers were neatly decorated whereas others are not. Serwah was surprise when she saw the valuables. The old man told her to pick up one of them for herself. She took one, which was not fanciful and covered with branches of plantain leaves.

The old man then blessed it and told Serwah not to open it until she reaches the house.

Serwah on her way back to the house caring the treasures. In fact, Serwah was happily, singing praises, worshipping and thanking the Lord God Almighty for His mercies. The old man was very happy so he sang together with Serwah. He told Serwah to be honest, pray all the time, be helpful to those who are in need, humble herself and above all be holy to her God. The old man urged Serwah to hold steadfastly the teachings of the Lord. The old man led Serwah to the outskirt of the town. Just as Serwah turned to go, the old man vanished into thin air, She looked for him but could not find the old man. Serwah said to herself “Truly this man was sent by God to save me”. Serwah went straight to her room and opened her container and everything was intact as she saw on the farm.

She Was Happy When She Saw The Content Of The Treasure.

A few months later Serwah’s lifestyle changed from worse to better. She began to grow in wealth.

Serwah’s name reached far and near. She was helpful to poor people as well as people from all walks of life. People from Akwasikrom were surprise of Serwah’s richness. Other were saying it was “blood money” and yet others were also saying it was from God. All this while Serwah did not disclose how she got the wealth to anybody.

Serwah’s name spread through the town of Akwasikrom as one of the most wealth person in the town. People started calling her rich woman. Serwah was kind adopted and good to people who needed her help. She adopted some children and paid their fees.

When Ananse was rich, he spent his money lavishly on woman, drinks, and hard drugs like cocaine and engaged himself in gambling. Soon he lost everything that he had. He was spending more than what he earns. He became a pauper and a drug addict. Life became difficult for him and he was not able to provide himself a three square meal. He decided to travel to the town of Mansotwe in the city of Kadiko to see how life will be running errands for people in the city. In one of his duties, he met a native of Akwasikrom and he told him how Yaa Serwah had become the richest woman in Akwasikrom.

When Ananse heard of the wealth of his sister, he became jealous. His worry was that, his younger sister Yaa Serwah had become the richest woman whereas he the elder had now become a poor man. He was having sleepless night and was contemplating how to get rid of Yaa Serwah in other to inherit her wealth.

One day he decided to return to Akwasikrom and ask for forgiveness from Yaa Serwah and plead with her to help him set up a tie and dye business. At the appointed time, he came to Akwasikrom and found himself in Yaa Serwah’s house. Yaa Serwah was surprised to see him in such a shabby dress.  Ananse greeted his sister. “Good Evening, Serwah.”

Serwah also responded, “Good Evening Ananse. It’s a long time since we heard from each other. How are you getting on in life?” Brother Ananse also responded, “Very bad, sister. Life had become very hard for me these days,” Brother Ananse continued and told Yaa Serwah a long  and sad story about how he had been duped by some businessmen from the city of Kadiko. He also told his sister how he had given his life to Christ. Yaa Serwah was touched by  Ananse’s story and she decided to help him.  Ananse pretended to be a change person. Later, the sister hired an apartment and opened a big workshop and provided all that Ananse need to operate  his business.

Soon Ananse’s business started flourishing and he was still not satisfied with what he has got. He wanted to find out how Yaa Serwah got the money.

Meanwhile,  Ananse had not changed but was harbouring some hatred in his heart for Yaa Serwah. One morning. Ananse went to Yaa Serwah’s residence and convinced her to disclose to him the secret of her success. Yaa Serwah hesitated and later she narrated everything to Ananse. She advised Ananse to pray all the time, help those in need, submit himself to God and be content with his lot. Ananse thanked Yaa Serwah and left to his office. He was doing some serious thinking that day all with the intention to acquire more money from Yaa Serwah.  Ananse become wealthy in the town and did not humble himself as advised by the sister.

A year later, Ananse went back to his old ways of living. Yaa Serwah advised him several times but he did not listen. Meanwhile, Ananse was planning how to kill Yaa Serwah. He was looking for an opportunity to pursue his hidden agenda. At the age of thirty his sister had got married.

Her wedding ceremony was nice by all standards. People from all walks of life come to the wedding including the Paramount Chief of the area. All this while  Ananse was hovering around all the place with the intention of putting in Yaa Serwah’s food some powdered substance. Just as he had the opportunity to put in the substance, Yaa Serwah happened to be there. She exclaimed, “ Ananse, what are you doing? Ananse replied, “I was just trying to remove an ant which had fallen into the food.”

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