Once upon a time in a town called Asempaneye lived a great but ugly king called Monkey. With all his success he lacked something so important in life, he was unmarried. As a solution to his problem, the elders met to discuss finding a wife for their king but the king did not agree for he can do it by himself.

 One day, the king was on his way to meet his friend Ananse, when he met woman monkey. She was also ugly.

King  Monkey admirably said to himself, “What a beautiful lady I’ve met”; “a beautiful lady… Today will be my lucky day”.

By the way, what is your name? The king asked the lady Monkey. “ I am called Efua Serwah.”

“Beautiful name! Do you live in this town?” No, king, I’m a stranger, “Yes; that’s why you look more beautiful than every lady in this village”. “Thank you,” said Efua Serwah.

“Who are your parents? “They are Mr and Mrs. Afriyie.” “Oh yes, l see, extend my greeting to them.” “Okay king, l will do so immediately l get home. “Where, Efua Serwah, is your home?” “Efua Serwah, are you married?” “No king, l am not married” answered Efua Serwah. The king informed her that he was also single. “May l be your Mr. Rright for you to marry?. “Y-e-s Chief. When l was a young girl, l told my mother l will marry a man who is very important.”

“Am l also important to you?”  Yes king’. “Are you sure Efua Serwah”? The king asked happily.

Efua Serwah answered, Yes of cause, l am”. She was shy but happy. The Monkey thanked her and embraced her firmly.

“Remember me after you have reached home.” They then departed immediately after their conversation.

When Efua Serwah got to the house, she remembered King Monkey. She held her mouth and kept quite.

Her mother did not understand why Efua Serwah was suddenly quit, so she asked, “What is wrong, Efua? “Why did you keep so long?” Efua Serwah replied, “Mother just as l was going to the place you sent me to, l met a man with an ugly face.

He said he was the king of this town and that he was called Monkey.” “And what did he say to you”? Efua Serwah replied. “Mother, in fact, he drove into a conversation with me”. He said l should extend his greeting to you when l got home.

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