Ananse and his wife Okornoreyaa were invited to a party organised by Okornoreyaa’s sister called Brayie  who was celebrating her 40th birthday. This is what ensued between them before they arrived at the party.

Okornoreyaa:  Ananse you should stay and let me go alone the place is very far besides, I thought u said you are hungry and I don’t know how long I will take.

 Ananse: Woman I will not stay here with these naughty kids of yours, besides I have all the right to be there for my sister in- law. Who knows, I might get some sumptuous meals to eat.

Okornoreyaa: As for you, your only reason for being at an occasion is food. I am not sure your luck will be good this time because it is only a simple party. Anyway, whether simple or not please behave yourself.

With this they started their journey. After a walk they finally reached the party. Brayie welcomed them both happily with her husband welcoming the other guests. Brayie: oh! Sister, brother in-law welcome I was not expecting you. Have a seat, the programme will begin soon. How are the children?

 Ananse: They are fine now let us cut the pleasantries short, when will the refreshment begin?

Brayie: That is the problem I was not having enough firewood so I sent for some and they just arrived. So I will need you both to help me entertain our guests while I check up on the food.

 Ananse: What? Do you think I walked all the way here to hear this? So that you people will starve me to death? That’s it!  I am leaving I cannot stand this nonsense.

Angry,  Ananse set off to drink at the next town, he was still mumbling when he was caught by smell a delicious meal which made him weak and irresistible. He realised that the smell was from the brayie’s kitchen see so he followed and to his surprise it was his favourite meal BEANS. His mouth begun to water .Then he thought of a way to eat before anyone else does. He decided to go back to party.  Brayie and her sister were still welcoming more guests when Ananse showed up again, Okornoreyaa became suspicious of her husband.

 Ananse:  Ladies forgive me for my rude behaviour I was not thinking right and after a long thought, I have returned to make it up to you two I hope I am forgiven.

Brayie: Oh Ananse don’t worry, I am sure the food is ready, shall I serve now?

 Ananse: No just water, and a lot, because I am dying of thirst.

 Okornoreyaa: Hey! What are you up to now? One minute you are angry, another you are apologising.  I hope you are not up to any mischief. For God’s sake this is my sister’s party, don’t disgrace us.

                        Just then she brings the water and Ananse gobbled the water thirstily. His wife stirs at him suspiciously. He ask for more and after five minutes he asked to be excused.

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