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      Crime Doesnt Pay - By Nana Love (Angel Love)


Kweku Ananse The Wisest King

You can call him the king of tricks, King of`deception, King of liars and you will never be far from being right. Kweku Ananse is a mischievous character whose main purpose of existing on till earth is to deceive people to believe i it what is not the truth. Ananse lived in a community of […]

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The Legendary Kweku 3

FOREWORD This is the third in the series – THE LEG­ENDARY KWEKU ANANSE STORIES. As the children like the stories, I will continue to research and give them more. I have noticed that some of me wisdom in the Ananse Stories are profound and will instil moral discipline in most children. I hope all children […]

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The Legendary Kweku

FOREWORD This is the second of the series — THE LEGEND­ARY KWEKU ANANSE STORIES. Most of these stories are very old and every tribe in Ghana has their version. Kweku Ananse, his wife and children have different names with every tribe. For the sake of uniformity, I prefer to adopt the Akan version of their […]

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Ananse The American Man

Onyamekrom was a very big village. It was always peaceful and the people lived happily among themselves even though there were not many jobs in the village. There was no hospital or clinic in Onyamekrom. The only school in the village was up to class six. There was no electricity. The only thing that put […]

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Once upon a time in a remote village called Asemso, there lived three good friends. They were so close that they did everything together as brothers. Despite their closeness. they had one problem which made their lives quite miserable. They all had one of their legs amputated. Due to the fact that they were all […]

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Ananse And the Three Cruel Friends

Three cruel friends lived in Anansekrom; they were Bedu a farmer, Ato, a large cattle owner and Adu, a wicked hunter. These men were very wealthy because their businesses were successful. Despite their wealth, the men were not sociable and kind as they should be; they were very stingy and fussy. Thus, Ananse the trickster […]

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Anansie and the Giant Bird

  Chapter One Long, long ago. the fowl folks lived on a very beautiful island called Nkukokrom. The island was very fertile and filled with gold, diamond and silver. So, the fowl folks had a lot of food to eat and much money to spend. They were very happy and content with what they had. […]

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Ananse and his friends, the rabbit, the monkey and the grasscutter decided to make a big banana farm in Nsukrom. The chief of the town, who was the Deer, gave them a big plot of land to farm on. So, for days, the four friends tirelessly worked on the land, till the land was cleared. […]

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Amanda is becoming a very stubborn girl that when she is not checked properly and corrected; will be a disgrace to us one day. Mr. Davidson was talking with anger in his voice to his wife whom he called Vicky; they both got married when they had finished school and gotten jobs to do in […]

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