With a nice conversation king monkey proposed to Efua Serwaa and she accepted. She immediately told her parents about it and everything was prepared and they got married. They lived happily and even happier when Efua Serwaa became pregnant and gave birth to an ugly baby boy. He was so ugly that even the children were even afraid of him. The baby’s name was God’s gift. Well his father gave him the best education to the university level. After his education, he wanted to marry someone of his choice. Everyone he proposed to, did not accept his proposal. So he told his father, so his father organised a five-day competition to honour any one who agrees to be your wife. King monkey discussed the matter with Ananse, his best friend and Ananse agreed to help. In a few days’ time the monkey called all the people and told them about what he wanted to do in the form of competition. Then finally came the competition; it was pleasant to everyone.

At 6:00 p. m, the king introduced Ananse as the chairman of the competition. Then Ananse rose from amidst the people on the high table to present the golden ring.

 People began to admire the golden ring, and it was the golden ring which really gave life to the evening’s competition. Everybody who was there could not understand it. They wanted the golden ring, they thought about things like the ugliness of God’s gift and how expensive the golden ring was and how it brightened the atmosphere.

In facts the people from the town were extremely happy  that they were looking forward to who would come and accept to marry the ugly monkey – God’s gift-so that there would be a marriage celebration.

Then came a time for people to round the golden ring. Ananse was involved. But something happened. But something happened. Ananse the wicked and tricky animal stole the golden ring with a magnet steel and put it in his pocket without the knowledge of the people gathered.  You can imagine the type of friend king monkey had. In a few minutes’ time,  After the celebration, Obiaampe’s boldly Said to the people that she would get married to God’s gift, the best ugly monkey. Most of the people were surprised at Obiaampe’s bold declaration.

God’s gift was so happy that he had a woman of his choice to marry.

The chief Monkey stood up of where he was sitting and held with his their two hands and walked towards where the golden ring was supposed to have been. 

Surprisingly, the ring was no were to be found. ‘’What?’’ said king monkey. ‘’Where is the golden ring, Ananse?  ‘’ I haven’t seen it’’ Ananse answered. King Monkey made a wise suggestion.

‘’Okay, everybody is claiming to be innocent so, everybody of you are going to be searched and whoever is caught will be killed immediately.’’

 Ananse panicked and said to king monkey that he was the one who stole the golden ring. King monkey did not understand why Ananse, his best friend did this to disgrace him in the presence of the people of “Asempaneye”.

 The king then told his executors to execute him. Ananse shouted and shouted but nobody was able to save him.

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