Ananse: Ladies, excuse me my bladder is full .Sister in-law direct me to the restroom.

Brayie: Yes, first room on your left.

Ananse: Than you I will not be long. (I have my own plans)

            Ananse closes the door and goes to the kitchen and sees hot beans on fire.

Ananse: Ahh! Let me begin my journey. (He takes a spoonful of beans in his cap and begins to eat hungrily.) Mmmm delicious!! (After the meal he thought).Hmmmm I am not satisfied,and I am not going to lose this chance.

            He takes another spoonful and just before he could eat he heard footsteps of his in-law. He begun to panic. He had nowhere to put his cap containing beans. The steps were getting closer. He decided escape through anearby window, he jumped over the hot pot of beans and OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!! THE BEANS SPILLED ON THE GROUND. Quickly he put his cap of hot beans back on his head. OOOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ananse: ohh God! What am I going to do? Two troubles one god!

            He quickly put spilled the beans, now sandy back into the pot.

Brayie: Ananse what are u doing here? I thought………………

Ananse: Yes I went to the washroom but I smelt the beans burning and I ……… aissh…….i.aishhh…….ouch…..

Brayie: What is wrong with you? Eiiii……………..                                                         Ananse: I’m out of here, out of my waaaaayyyyyyyyy

Brayie: wait Ananse what have you done to my beans?

Outside Okornoreyaa sees her husband running and screaming in pain.   Ananse tries to run away trips over a tree stump and falls. His cap with beans fell and the guests gasped in surprise. Brayie confronted her sister and her husband, Ananse. Ananse sit in shame as the guests left one by one criticising him.

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